1. Buy ammo at Walmart? Fit 15 rounds in a double stack mag that actually fits in a generic mag holder? Buy a concealable gun? Shoot .40 with a barrel swap and no other changes? Reload without worrying about hangfires due to excess case capacity?

  2. Not be able to use a carbide sizing die, and have to lube every case when you’re reloading them?

    On the upside, you’ll never contract a case of “Superface”.

  3. Why buy ammo at Walmart? It’s the only place to buy ammo in the county, or for 50 miles in any direction.

  4. Ah. I concede the point. Any caliber that can be purchased in white boxes at Walmart is automatically an abomination to race gun purists.

    Excuse me while I flagellate myself over here in the corner. Quietly.

  5. .357SIG is .38 Super for short-framed guns. If you’re shooting from a 1911 platform, it makes about as much sense as a kickstand on a tank, but if you’re into Glocks or SIGs or such, it makes sense.

    .38 Super does do one thing well at which .357SIG isn’t so hot, and that’s work with heavy bullets. While you can get 147gr .357SIG, the short neck doesn’t give much grip on the long bullet, and setback can become an issue.

  6. Any caliber that can be purchased in white boxes at Walmart is automatically an abomination to race gun purists.

    That’s not what I meant – I’ve got no problem with WWB as a brand of ammo. I have a problem with Wal-Mart’s policies regarding firearms and the fact that they got in bed with Mayor Bloomberg. Buy all the Winchester White Box you want, but buy it from companies that support the right to keep and bear arms.

  7. So, in your mind, I should boycott the only store for a 50 mile radius that sells guns, ammo, targets, or gun cleaning supplies because they don’t support the right to keep and bear arms.

    This is getting weirder and weirder.

  8. I understand that in certain situations, buying from Wal-Mart is the only option people have, and it sucks because I hate spending my sporting dollars at stores that have openly come out against the rights of shooters and hunters.

    On the flip side, with the wide availability of online retailers that provide a better selection than Wal-Mart while at the same time working to support your and my right to bear arms, then it pains me to see that money that could go to a Georgia Arms or to Larry Potterfield and the guys at Midway being spent at Wal-Mart.

    But, ordering online can sometimes be more expensive than going to the local WallyWorld, which has to be balanced. Because yes, while I don’t want to see Wal-Mart make any money off of shooters, I do want to see Hoppes, Winchester, and other companies that sell through Wal-Mart continue to make a profit.

    In my opinion, shopping at Wal-Mart isn’t ideal, but then again if it’s the only thing you’ve got than like I said – I’d rather that the companies whose fine products you’re buying still see that money.

  9. hypnagogue:

    Am I missing something here? Is the shipping of ammo banned in your state? Is there a quantity cap, or something else that prevents an economical mail-order purchase?

  10. Shipping ammo is legal in my state….but because of crazy Mass gun laws, and Stings conducted by our AG, places that will ship ammo and components to Mass are few and far between.

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