Steel this Friday

At Marion County Fish and Game, as usual.

I may or not be there, depending on two items: 1) how I feel when I wake up tomorrow morning, and 2) how the weather is.  If it rains, they move the match so you shoot it under the hoods, which (and this is no knock on my friends at MCF&G) basically makes the match suck.  The problem when you’re shooting under the hoods is that it’s incredibly loud and it makes it very difficult to hear your hits on the steel.

I love steel matches, next to IDPA it’s my favorite type of competition; that’s why I’m hoping that it doesn’t rain and that I feel great tomorrow, because I haven’t shot anything in a while due to vacation and this damnable cold – I’m itching to put some bbs downrange.

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  1. “makes it very difficult to hear your hits on the steel.”

    Cause you’re getting old and can’t actually SEE the targets fall… 🙂

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