Don’t post videos of yourself on the internet adding a “device” to a semi-automatic rifle to help you bump fire it.

I’m not going to post a link to the offending party, but come on people, have some common sense.  We’re trying to differentiate semi-automatic rifles from machine guns in the minds of the average citizen, and you’re going to post videos on how to make your semi-auto AR work “just like a machinegun?”  And your URL even uses the word “machine gun”?  Not smart.

Of course, the cherry on the sundae is the rubber band you use to help you bump fire.  With the ATF’s track record of well, doing whatever the heck they want, adding what they may classify as a “device” to your new blaster is a neat trick to land your fanny in federal court.

Now, before you pile me for calling this guy out, I don’t really care if he’s bumpfiring or not.  If that’s what rocks your jollies, then by all means go ahead.  But over here, I’m trying to fight and win a battle for public opinion, which is something we’re really going to need for the next four years.  And like I said, that’s not helping.  It’s important that the average Joe understands that there is a huge, functional difference between automatic weapons and civilian legal semi-auto rifles, and calling your website “” doesn’t help.


  1. I guess it just frustrates me that so many gun owners I know have the mindset of “screw the moderates”, and have such a disconnect going about how much we need those soccer moms to vote for things in our favor.

  2. “I hear revolvers can be bump-fired, so not just semi-autos.”

    I fail to see how. Some older wheel-guns could be SLAM-FIRED…where the trigger was pulled to the rear and the off-hand fans the hammer like crazy.

    Could be done with some older pump-action shotguns too.

  3. Yeah, I don’t know how you’d bump a wheelie; the whole thing that makes bumpfiring work is the recoil/blowback action of a semi-automatic.

  4. Bump-firing – is that like putting a salami in your pants to catch the hot soccer-moms?? People should think twice, then think again.

  5. Full-auto fun… yeah, for about a minute-and-a-half. Then you figure out that you just sent a gazillion dollars worth of ammo downrange, and hit the target once (if at all). Never saw the fascination with full-auto, even when I was in the military. Since I am pretty f*ckin’ far from sniper-grade on my best day, I like any tactic that’ll INCREASE my odds of hitting…full-auto (and especially bump-firing) ain’t it.
    That said, I think machine guns should be totally legal, MUCH less restricted, and as common as the market will make ’em. If you have the funding to feed them, I say, “rock on”.

    (DirtCrshr—I haven’t tried the salami trick yet. Does it work?)

  6. Again, another good example of poor gun education. Machine gun? What era and world is that guy living in?

    Also, I know what video you are talking about and even I rolled my eyes and wanted to smack the dumbshit for sounding and looking like an utter noob while doing it. lrn2internets

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