ParaUSA GI Expert

A picture has surfaced of the as yet to be launched GI Expert pistol from ParaUSA.  Here is the gun that should be hitting around Q1 2009, like after SHOT.  Click the image to enlarge.

As you can see from the picture, it’s not exactly a “true” GI Pistol, in that it comes from the factory with a skeletonized hammer, speed trigger, and lowered ejection port.  Presumably, this is due to the fact that the pistol is part of Para’s new “Expert” series, which are going to include a new line of polymer pistols from Para as well this .45 ACP and a line of rifles.

While I haven’t seen any official numbers on pricing for the GI Expert, I’d expect it to be priced in a region where it would be able to compete with entry level 1911s, but come from the factory with more features than your standard GI .45.

I’m looking forward to seeing this gun in 2009.


  1. Also it looks like it has a dovetailed front sight and a straight MSH instead of arched. If this pistol is built to spec in the grip safety area I would use it as a base pistol a GI-ish build with a spur hammer, but para’s sing;e stacks have a wider grip safety usually.

  2. If I’m reading this right, they’ll be giving Taurus a nice dose of competition in the “more-than-barebone-mil-spec-1911s-for-dabblers” market.

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