Glock for Sale

For a multitude of reasons (mostly good ones) I’m selling my Glock 24 in .40 S&W.  I really, really liked this gun, it just has gotten to the point where it doesn’t make me feel warm and snuggly inside like a revolver or a 1911, and in the months since I picked up my Para in .40, I just never got around to hauling the Glock out.  I feel bad, because this is a gun that deserves to be shot, and it shoots well, so I’ll send it off to a good home.

You can bid on the Gunbroker auction by clicking on this link.  In addition to the gun, you get the factory ported Glock barrel, the non-ported Storm Lake barrel, an Uncle Mike’s kydex holster, two magazine holders, 4 magazines (two of which are high cap magazines), a Houge gripsleeve; plus the gun has a 1st Generation Crimson Trace sight built in and adjustable Trijicon night sights.

Don’t get scared off by the “Buy it Now” price, the reserve is set way lower than that.

Selling a gun is a sad thing – but I’m not a collector, I’m a shooter; and this is a gun that deserves to be shot, and shot a lot.  Since I don’t shoot it that much, it should go to someone who will.


  1. I hate you because I can’t buy this.
    This is a totally rational and indeed proper hatred, and it would make you a bad person who should *feel* bad for hating me back.
    Mainly because I said so, but also because you’re terrible people.

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