Dan Cooper asked to resign

Dan Cooper, President of Cooper Firearms has been asked to step down by the Board of Directors of Cooper Firearms in a statement released earlier today.

In response to the recent article highlighting Dan Cooper’s personal political donations, the board of directors, shareholders and employees of Cooper Firearms of Montana, Inc would like to issue the following statement. The employees, shareholders and board of directors of Cooper Firearms of Montana do not share the personal political views of Dan Cooper.Although we all believe everyone has a right to vote and donate as they see fit, it has become apparent that the fallout may affect more than just Mr. Cooper. It may also affect the employees and the shareholders of Cooper Firearms.

The board of directors has asked Mr. Cooper to resign as President of Cooper Firearms of Montana, Inc. Daily operations will continue with the competent staff currently in place in Stevensville, MT producing the finest, most accurate rifles money can buy.

The rest of the statement can be found at Cooper Firearms website.


  1. See, this is what happens when you mix guns and politics, Ahab. Now I be you wish you hadn’t given all that money to Kucinich

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