Open Letter to Dan Cooper

To Dan Cooper, (former) President/CEO of Cooper Firearms:

In the last couple of days, we have seen a whirlwind of activity in regards to your position on the election, your purported support Barack Obama, and now your requested resignation from Cooper Firearms.

While I have my opinions on the issue, I’d like to extend an open invitation for you to join us on Gun Nuts Radio at 9pm Eastern time November 4th to share your side of the issue with our listeners.  I am willing to open my show up and present you with an opportunity to give us, the gun owners and 2nd Amendment community a look into a side of the situation that we have not yet seen.

If you’re interested on taking me up on this offer, please send an email to me at admiralahab at gmail dot com.




  1. Classy thing to do Ahab.

    Very cool, it will be interesting to see if he takes you up on it.

  2. I’m left wondering why expressing such a political view via donations is grounds for a public falling-out. Methinks there’s more to this.

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