It’s Gun O’Clock

There’s this new alarm clock from Bandai, which basically allows you to use an IR pistol to “shoot” your alarm clock.  Now, as hilarious as that is, what really entertains me is the phrase “it’s gun o’clock”; which has become my standard response to whenever I am asked the time while at the range/match.

It also sounds like a pithy one-liner which should be uttered by the grizzled hero during a noir film – a badguy uses the classic “what time is it” line to distract the hero, and then our fearless hero produces his blaster with the response “Looks like it’s gun o’clock, asshole”.

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  1. Hmmm … the IR “gun” looks suspiciously Glock-like…

    Who pays the bill when some sleepy shooter accidentally grabs the REAL Glock from the night stand? I mean, sure, you’ll be guaranteed to be awake ASAP, but the wife might not be so understanding…

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