New Washing Machine

My wife has been wanting to get a new washing machine for a while now; ours is getting up on its last legs.  However, I don’t think this is what she had in mind.

Heated Tank with long gun option. One (1) lube pan 35.5″X6″ v-bottom construction with anti-splash dampers & cover. 2Two (2) heavy duty weapon racks with 5 removable compartments, tank cover, drip proof flange with built in rack shelf and carry handles, H.D. adjustable heater for parkerizing, variable power generator 3/4″ S.S. front drain valve and rear fill port. 2 gal. CC235 clean concentrate, 6 gal. CC400L lubricant.

Man, that’s neato.  As much as I like shooting guns, I actually hate cleaning them; so something like this would be a real nice addition to my collection of firearms related tools.  Of course, with a $7k+ price tag, I don’t think that Mrs. Ahab is going to go for it…maybe when I hit the Hoosier Lotto.


  1. We had an ultrasonic cleaner at CCA. It was teh b0mb.

    Cleaning rental guns went from “when they start malfing” to “once a week“.

  2. Rumor has it that pistols and revolvers, especially stainless steel ones, can be cleaned in a front loading washer if enough clothes and soap go in, too…….

  3. I picked up an el cheapo pistol sized ultrasonic at the Harbor Freight (as an experiment) and then used the official gun ultrasonic cleaner. You know the solution is good by the burning feeling when you put your hands in it.

    It cleaned and degreased my S&W Model 38 to the point it would not work until it was relubed. No joke, it locked up tighter than… well, tight. So I broke out the CLR and started to moisten the appropriate areas.

    Then, it ran like the champ it always was (and was throughly tested). Now I just clean slides, bolts and barrels, I do actions by hand. it makes very, very short work of my AR bolts, though.

    So, if you do get one, keep in mind it cleans the hell out of guns. I love mine, once the solution eats through the cheap plastic tank, I may spring for the real one.

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