Everything old is new again

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership has released a new* report on assault weapons.  That link goes to their presser about their new* report on assault weapons, which links to the actual .pdf of the report itself.  I’d download it and host it here, but I don’t want to sully my webspace with that.

The new report does contain a quote from Jim Zumbo, which doesn’t really surprise me.  Any time that the anti-gun factions can get their hands on a quote by a hook-and-bullet writer about how “ebbbilll” assault weapons are, they’re going to take it and run run run with it.  Of course, it doesn’t really matter to them that Zumbo since recanted and has embraced the black rifle.

*Note: “New” in this case means “the same lines we’ve been spouting since 1992, but now we have quotes from Jim Zumbo instead of David Petzal.