I should not watch Silverado

Or 3:10 to Yuma, or any of The Man with No Name movies.  You see, because I love westerns, and every time I watch a good western, I end up on the internet looking up places to shoot cowboy action in Indiana (I’ve found two that are within decent driving distance), then I start looking at the pile of .45 Colt brass I have sitting around and think “I should really reload some of that”.  Of course, it doesn’t end there – because I make a trip to Mernickle Custom’s website and contemplate getting a slick double gun rig that would be set up to take advantage of the fact that I’m ambidextrous…and of course, there are the guns.  Oh the guns.  I want to get a nickel Beretta Stampede with a 7.5 inch barrel, because Henry Fonda rocked the nickel 7.5 inch Colt in Once Upon a Time in the West; then I want to get a case-hardened SAA with the classic 4 3/4 inch barrel, but with ivory grips – because Paden in Silverado carried that gun.

And that doesn’t even get into my lust for open top Colt cartridge conversions, or building more ’58 Remington revolvers in .45 Colt conversions.  Which reminds me, I need to buy some 200 grain bullets and some Trail Boss.


  1. Lots of folks shouldn’t watch action/hero/rescue movies. In Open Range, Duval and Costner are done wrong and go into town to kill all the members of the legally elected or appointed Civil Authority. In The Patriot, Mel Gibson revolts and takes up arms against the recognized legitimate government. In Braveheart, the same thing! Robinhood is worse, (assasinates the Sheriff and law enforcement officers) Silverado is one of the worst of the lot. It makes the outlaws seem sympathetic, if you can believe that! The list goes on and on….Saving Private Ryan they start off invading a country that never threatened the US and deposing the duly elected government by force of arms…and they are PROUD of it! et, et, et.
    These movies should all be banned in the name of good government. When Obama is elected, hopefully they WILL be.

  2. Robert, are you sure you’re on the right blog? Or the right country, for that matter? Or even the right planet? You need to get back on your moonbeams and leave; the moon is calling you.

  3. Dude, it’s satire.

    I hope.

    All that talk of Westerns, and no Schofields? It seems to be the hogsleg of choice for minor character #3. Unforgiven and 3:10 to Yuma, at least.

    Also, there’s some folks out there doing a Wild Bunch variation on standard CASS…1911 + the usual suspects. Pure awesome.

  4. This is only tangentially related, but since you mentioned Remingtons…

    Was doing a google search for something, and found a comment on another blog from earlier this year where you said you were working on a way to convert a Remington into a “Firefly” Mal-pistol repro. Any luck on that, because I know quite a few people who would be all over that?

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