NSSF First Shots Program

At the IDPA National Championships this year, NSSF put on one of their popular First Shots programs, and to hear the story it was a pretty huge success.

A full page ad in the match book informed competitors of the First Shots seminars and many volunteered assistance when they saw the turnout. IDPA area coordinators along with COR-BON, Smith &Wesson and Elite Operator Tactical team shooters were on hand to provide expert advise and work one-on-one with the shooters.

A school teacher who attended with her entire family said she thought the “seminar was awesome!” She was so enthusiastic about shooting her first bulls-eye that the entire family went on to spend quite a bit more time at the side matches shooting larger calibers.

Yeeeeesssss….bring those new shooters into the game.  Obviously, since I shoot IDPA, I’m excited to see that IDPA is working directly with First Shots to put on a program like this which will help attract the new shooters to the game.  I think that by introducing them to the shooting sports while surrounded by the competition environment also increases our chances of keeping that person as a shooter, which to my mind is almost more important than making a new shooter.

IDPA and NSSF should get well-deserved congratulations for this sort of event, it’s exactly what we need to ensure that we preserve our shooting heritage.

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