Dinner and a movie shoot

Now that is my kind of dinner date.

On a recent Friday night there, “double action” meant going through the buffet line twice; a “scalloped receiver” described a patron with a plate full of potatoes; and “full stock” meant that, in addition to iced tea and lemonade, cold beer and wine were on the menu.

So goes the evening during Dinner & Targets, a 2-year-old monthly gathering for couples featuring indoor and outdoor shooting, followed by a catered dinner.

This is in Columbus Ohio, which is actually close enough to me that I’m seriously considering attending one of these events in the future.  I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to spend a night shooting some guns then having a catered meal?


  1. This gives me an idea….

    “Feed the Homeless Shoot”

    I’ve never been hunting. But I am wondering could it be done? Could a bunch of hunters go out and bring their catches, have them be cleaned, and cook the food and serve the homeless.

    “Hunters for the Homeless”

    The HH does NOT endorse Obama!!!

  2. Actually, a number of places already do that. Googling “hunters donate” turns up lots of stories like this one

    “Wisconsin deer hunters responded in a big way to the 2007 Venison Donation Program, delivering and donating 9,200 deer to 126 participating meat processors in 52 Wisconsin counties. After processing, the donations provided over 414,000 pounds of ground venison that was distributed to food pantries throughout the state.”

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