Appleseed Discussion: Tonight 11pm

As previous mentioned, tonight on Gun Nuts Radio we will be discussing the Appleseed Project with The Breda herself, who recently attended an Appleseed shoot.  Her report on Appleseed spawned a small firestorm, with some very strong comments about the nature of the program coming out from both the pro and anti Appleseed groups.

Now, I have some questions about Appleseed – I’m neither pro nor anti Appleseed per se, but I have questions about the program, most of which will get asked to Breda.  However, if you’re affiliated with Appleseed, or have attended a shoot, you’re more than welcome to call in with questions and comments, the show call in number is (347) 539-5436.

Again, we’ll be live on the air tonight at 11pm Eastern time, you can listen live at!


  1. Do you still post the MP3? I sometimes stay up for the live show, but overall my morning-person nature makes me too whupped at work to make it a habit.

    I’ve been having some trouble with the play back on the site, it keeps restarting and freezing on me…

    Plus I like burning it to CD and listening to it on my morning commute.

  2. If you really want to increase your page views, you should do a podcast about fat people. That always seems to attract attention.

    I’m just sayin’. (Plus, it’d be hilarious.)

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