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My last comment on the whole Gov. Palin and her daughter thing is pretty straightforward.  Does it suck that her 17 year old daughter is pregnant?  Yep.  Do I think it somehow makes her a poor candidate for VP or for eventual President?  Nope.  But that’s because I’m not retarded, and I realize that just because a parent wants and hopes their kid to practice abstinence does not mean that the teenager is going to listen.  Trust me, I have some expertise in that area.

The thing that has struck me the most about all this has been the absolutely psychotic reaction from the far left, especially the bloggers.  Their insane eagerness to jump all over the Governor and her daughter is kind of creepy, but it’s also pretty sad.  You can smell the fear coming off these people – fear that their chosen messiah won’t get elected, and that fear is causing them to act out in a way that doesn’t even resemble appropriate.

The MSM isn’t without blame on this either – I was watching Katie Couric interview a senior level McCain staffer the other night, and ol’ “unbiased” Katie did everything but say “So do you think this makes Govenor Palin a shitty mom?”  The McCain staffer was very professional and courteous with her responses, and was able to pretty effortlessly redirect Katie’s hamhanded attempts to paint Govenor Palin in a poor light.

Initially, I was kind of surprised at the level of viturpertude with which the left started attacking the VP nominee – but then I sat down and thought about it for a bit, and I’ve realized that it really is a fear based reaction.  They (the far left) are absolutely terrified of her, because she’s tough, independent, a woman, pro-gun, pro-life, and most importantly, she’s essentially everything that Obama isn’t.  While Obama was preaching “change change change” he picked a long time Washington insider, who will do nothing but maintain the status quo in Washington.  Meanwhile, Palin is actually a fresh face to Washington politics, and has a clearly demonstrable track record of shaking up government.

The left is scared shitless of this woman, and as such appear to be lashing out at her in whatever way possible.  It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.


  1. I’m a lefty, own guns and am not scared of this woman.

    In some ways, she is a great choice, in others not a great one.

    And reading both sides of the asile in the last few years has seen alot of viturpetude toward Obama as well…

  2. The fear is the motivator.

    The tack they are taken is driven by the caricature of the right side of the political spectrum that they have in their minds.

    They see us all as puritanical, intolerant, misogynistic, backward fundamentalists.

    They don’t understand that their caricature is a figment of their own need to revile us as inferior to their own liberated, tolerant, progressive selves.

    They are reacting out of fear because Palin is the kind of candidate that they wish they had running. But the focus of their attacks are driven by their misconceptions (possibly based on projection?) about what they think we will find reprehensible.

    It’s sad really. Not only that they will stoop to such low levels…but that they understand their countrymen so little that they truly won’t grok why their attacks aren’t working.

  3. Yeah I think all the noise from the Leftie Blogs will help alienate some people on the fence who think that throwing rocks at pregnant teenagers isn’t exactly a cool thing….or “Compasionate” “Progressives” suddenly pitching crude misogynist surrs around.

    I think its nuttin’ but good for Mac. Oh FYI if you’d like to puke in your mouth, check this shithole out. A female blogger too!

  4. Jimmy Carter had Billy Carter, Gerald Ford had his pothead son, Hillary had Bill the Douche, Ronald Regan had his ballerina kid…and Obama has his younger brother George hiding in a Kenya shantytown.
    Now what is it about Sarah?

  5. The more I hear about Sarah Palin the more I like her. She is strong and she has scruples. No wonder she terrifies some people. Let the Dems really beat on her. It will just show a lot of people just how intolerant they really are.

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