Extreme Gun Activism

I’m pimping this week’s podcast again, and for good reason – the topic of extremism in pro-gun activism absolutely refuses to die, and because I think that we have a really interesting show lined up for tomorrow night.

We’ll have both Kurt of Armed and Safe and Sebastian from Snowflakes In Hell on the show, discussing pros and cons of Mikey V. style extremism when it comes to fighting the battle (proverbial or otherwise) to keep and bear arms.

Now, in the original discussion that spawned this show, I came down on Sebastian’s side, primarily because I don’t yet believe that our system is irreparably broken and that I believe we can accomplish much more by working within the system and with the “sheeple” than we can by working against it.

That being said, there is a certain attractiveness to the positions of the opposite side of the debate, because I honestly look around and feel sometimes that even though we’re currently winning the RKBA battle, we’re losing on practically every other front.  It is extremely frustrating to me to see people embracing the nanny-state as though it will save them; every day I feel like I talk to another deluded Obama convert who believes that more government will solve all our problems – and I tell you, it kind of pisses me off.

Despite any opinions that I or my co-host hold, we’re not going to be joining the debate per se, but will rather serve to ask the questions and remain neutral.  Essentially, we’ll be ring-masters – serving only to drive the questions in directions that our listening audience wants.

Tune in live tomorrow night at 11pm to www.blogtalkradio.com/gunnuts to listen to the show – I promise you won’t be disappointed.  The call in number is (347) 539-5436 – during the first 20 minutes we won’t be taking callers, but after that we’ll open up the lines to call in questions for Kurt, Sebastian, or Bonnie and me.

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  1. Be sure to discuss his links to self-proclaimed “militiamen” such as Bob Wright. (They claim to have been “recognized” as a legitimate militia by the governor of New Mexico, but he only met with them to make sure they weren’t violent.)

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