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I’ve gotten a couple of emails regarding my post on the IDPA match from people who seemed to have only read the “cons” section of that piece.  I don’t want there to be any confusion on that point, so I’ll restate myself up here.

I had a lot of fun, and plan on going back next month.  None of the things that I listed as “cons” were so bad as to turn me off, and in fact I’m going to be inviting a couple of friends to come along with me come September.

I also do not think that anything is wrong with IDPA rules as they currently stand.  What I was trying to express was my frustration with the number of rules I had to remember.  I am perfectly fine with tactical reloads and shooting targets in tactical sequence or tactical priority.

So, I’ll restate this one more time: I had a great time and I will go back – the range was nice, the people were friendly, and the courses of fire were both imaginative and challenging.  Put all that together and it’s enough to get me to want to go back, and go back I shall.


  1. I just look at it as a training oppotunity, not as a game. I don’t know all the rules. I just show up with my carry rig and a couple of extra magazines…..

  2. the one rule I know of is that you’re supposed to carry your sidearm concealed during the competition.

    I shoot USPSA, but I’d probably shoot IDPA if there were competitions closer than 150 miles. To me, it’s all good. IDPA, USPSA, Glock Shoots, NRA Action pistol, they make you work under a time constraint, they up the ante by having a buzzer or beeper sounding off to signal you to start, but it also serves as a simulated startle response. Fighting off that startle response so that you can concentrate on the front sight and work your way through the stage is a very good thing to learn.

    Whatever your sport, be safe and have fun.

  3. Yes, you do have to carry concealed for IDPA matches, which for a lot of people means wearing a photographer’s style vest or a similar garment. I wear an open Hawaiian shirt over the gun for IDPA matches.

  4. sadly the nearest place that does any kind of matches is over 40 miles away… im stuck doing a whole lot of nothing because of that.

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