August E-Postal match: Faster!

I had completely forgotten that I was hosting the August E-Postal match until I got an email from Mr. Completely today reminding me of that very same fact. Luckily, I actually did have something prepared, although it may seem kind of easy at first I assure you it’s a little harder than you’d think.

Here is the target for this month’s match, you’ll need two of them. It’s just a four inch black circle on a white background. The course of fire is as follows:

  • At 7 yards or 25 feet (whichever is available) affix two of the above targets side by side to your backer. Rimfire pistols: if you are shooting a rimfire pistol move the target to 10 yards/30 feet.
  • If your range allows for it, you should start with the pistol holstered – if not start from low ready.
  • Engage each target with 5 rounds each (total of 10 rounds) in whichever order you like shooting as fast as you can with control.  (note: think two double-taps and a follow-up shot). This is to simulate an action pistol match. Now, there’s no way to regulate that, so it’s honor system that you guys will be hosing bullets at these targets.
  • Without setting down the pistol, reload and engage the same targets again with 5 rounds each, in whatever you like, for a total of 10 rounds. Note: for revolvers, reload as necessary.
  • The total stage round count should be 20 rounds, with 10 on each paper.

Again, you should engage the targets in a defensive mindset, so you’re shooting as fast as you can put the sights on the target for 20 straight rounds. Just don’t shoot 10 on one and then reload and shoot 10 on the other, it’s got to be 5 and 5, reload, then another 5 and 5.

Shooting Categories

  1. Rimfire Iron: Rimfire pistols with iron sights
  2. Rimfire open: rimfire pistols with optical sights
  3. Centerfire iron: Non-compensated centerfire pistols with iron sights.
  4. Centerfire open: Centerfire pistols with either a compensator oroptical sights – that means an iron sighted compensated gun shoots in Centerfire open.


Only hits on the black score points – each hit on the black is worth 5 points. A hit on the white that does not touch the black is scored as a miss and is worth zero points. Only hits on the black count. 20 rounds at 5 points a round gives a maximum match score of 100 points.

Match is open until August 30th – once you shoot your targets just email them to me (my email is in the “contact info”) with the subject line “E-Postal match” and I’ll post the results.

Remember, shoot Faster!


  1. Sounds like a fun match, but unfortunately my range doesn’t allow rapid fire beyond double-taps. Stupid rules…

  2. I can’t do this one either. My club would probably be fine with 5 quickly shot rounds, but only in a single target. We’re not allowed to double up on the target stands.

  3. Well, if you have to modify for single targets, that’s fine as well. Honestly, I’m just interested to see how many people can keep 5 fast rounds on the paper.

  4. Why 5 points for a hit on the black. If the only possibilities are zero and not-zero, wouldn’t 1 point per hit work just as well?

  5. Here’s my standard question: can I shoot more than one entry per class, using a different gun of course”?

    Also, does the hit have to be completely in the black, or just touching it?

    Merle Morrison
    Newport News, VA

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  7. The distances at my range go 5yd to 25yd, so I made some reduced targets (2.75″ instead of 4″: 2.75/5=4/7). I only scored 40

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