1. I’ve been using a Fobus paddle holster with my XD. No one has told me not to use it. That said… I like my Comp-tac holsters better…..

  2. Just started IDPA 2 weeks ago. I did a LOT of research before hand. I use a Fobus paddle with a Glock 17. The IDPA rule book says specifically that the Uncle Mikes kydex is illegal. The Fobus kydex is of course very similar, but several forums say that the rule only applies to the belt slide version and that the paddle is legal. Of course some guy in a forum decided to mouth off and say “well I wouldnt allow it at my matches, blah blah”. Basically there is no hard and fast answer, it comes down to the guys at your club. They never gave mine a second look. It seems to be legal based on the ‘can see light between holster and belt’ test. I could see some jerk making a point out of it.

  3. Pretty much what Dan says, with a little expansion.

    The rulebook says a holster cannot provide more than 1/2″ of space between the body, and the main body of the holster. Also, holsters cannot be of screw adjustable cant; though multiposition holsters MAY be acceptable; presuming they require taking apart or taking off the belt etc… to change the angle.

  4. As an IDPA Match Director, I have seen the Fobus paddle holster and have no problem with their use. The Fobus holsters that I have seen are actually harder to pull a firearm from due to the inability to adjust the tension that holds the firearm in place. (rivets not screws) What firearm are you planning on competeing with? I may have a suggestion for that particular firearm that I know is not only approved but used by some of the top shooters. Good Luck and welcome to IDPA.

  5. Mostly because it’s what I have lying around – I was planning on using it for the first match and then if I liked the game moving up to a better rig.

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