Heller round 2: Electric Boogaloo

Come on, you knew wouldn’t be able to resist that.

Mr. Heller is suing DC again, because, well, their new laws really aren’t that different from the old laws.

From Snowflakes in Hell, I get the following particulars:

  1. The ballistics testing nonsense which requires an undefined fee.
  2. The nonsense about not being able to register a semi-automatic pistol under DC’s ridiculous definition of “machine gun”
  3. They ask for any further relief the court may want to offer.

I think it’s great – I like that we’re going after semi-automatic pistols on this one.  It’s been pretty soundly established that handguns are the defensive firearm of choice for many, many Americans, and that by a rather large margin those handguns are semi-automatic pistols and not revolvers.  Good luck to Mr. Heller in round 2.