Show tonight – Guns and Church

Another plug for tonight’s show, where we’ll be discussing carry in the House of the Lord on Gun Nuts: The Next Generation. Tune in live at 11pm to listen to the show!

Again, tonight’s show is going to be very listener driven – a lot of us “gun nuts” are also church goers, and as such this is often a divisive issue amongst our community. Additionally, quite a few states bar concealed carry in churches, so we’d like to hear from those people as well. The call in number for the show is (347) 539-5436, and we’ll both be live on Google chat, I’m admiralahab @ gmail dot com, and Squeaks is squeaky.wheel.seeks.grease @ gmail dot com – additionally, if you’re listening live at you’ll be able to live chat in the custom chat room. While we may not read every chat live, we do keep up with them.

Again, tonight at 11pm Eastern, Gun Nuts: The Next Generation will be talking about carrying in church. Call us at 347-539-5436!

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  1. Just wanted to let you know I’m a long time subscriber of your podcast & I’ve really been enjoying them. If I’m able to finish work in time this evening I’ll dial in tonight to join in on this important topic. Keep up the great work!

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