Pride goeth…

Before the fall, as the Proverb goes – and to mix my metaphors, I may have bitten off more than I can chew.

You see, being a young headstrong man, I have entered into a friendly bet with Mr. Joe Huffman where at the conclusion of the Blackwater/ParaUSA shoot, we’ll shoot an El Presidente course to determine essentially who is the better shot.  The winner will receive a prize TBD, since we haven’t quite figured out the stakes yet.

Now, to know me, you have to understand something about me – I have had a tendency in my young life to occasionally run my mouth with abandon (my wife is shaking her head at that); however I have been fortunate in the majority of this situations to be able to back up my mouth with skill or plain old dumb luck.

The more I read Joe’s archives, the more I realize I’m going to need a lot of the latter to win our friendly wager.

I’d imagine that right now, my Dad is reading this post and laughing at me, because I should know better than to make bets with wiley shooters and let them choose the arena for the bet.

Oh well, at least I will get a lot of practice before Joe kicks my ass!


  1. what’s that old saying? when you sit down to play and you look around the table and can’t tell who the “fish” is…

    good luck Caleb

  2. It sounds like you are going to violate one of Nelson Algren’s Rules of Life:

    2) Never play cards with a man named “Doc”.

  3. I’ll point out that Joe is the only person I know that has had multiple scopes fall off of rifles because the scope mounts broke/came loose.

    He’s also the only person I know that’s had a barrel lug break on a pistol.

    Look at it this way: equipment failure could save you, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

    Oh, too late, you already did. Well, carry on.

  4. Dad’s not the only one laughing. Sorry.

    And you forgot that the problem with the Jinxed trait is that while other people critically fail more often, so do you…

  5. That the fact that this postthread has turned into Fallout 2 references fills me with an intense nerdy joy.

  6. as the saying goes, “Old age and treachery beats youth and skill every time”.

    in re: land war in asia – I didn’t know Joe was Sicilian and that death was on the line.

    Fallout (1) also had bloody mess and gifted. nothing better than that exposed rib cage


  7. Man, I love the Fallout games. I have them both installed on my PC and will occasionally play them for nostalgia purposes, or when I just need a bit of good old fashioned “critical hit to the eye”.

  8. deadcenter, Caleb was much more tactiful when I was requesting a handicap become of my advancing age and documented and verifiable infirmities. He said, “[I]t’s been my personal observation that experience and treachery defeat youthful enthusiasm most of the time.”

    I knew what he meant even if that wasn’t what he said and took it as a personal challenge to prove him correct.

    Last night my son showed me a preview of Fallout 3. It was the first I had heard of Fallout. It looked pretty cool but I will probably never play it. I spend my time pulling the triggers of real guns and not simulations of guns and I find the skill set doesn’t translate well from one “game” to the other.

  9. Generally it doesn’t, especially games like that. The original Fallout games were much more tactically oriented – the “action” was turned based so speed and reflexes weren’t as important as strategy and positioning.

    That being said, I’m shooting in every single competition I can get into before Blackwater Summer Camp, the more trigger time I can get the happier I’ll be.

  10. I see that you’re learning the painful lesson I learned some 35 years ago – I do not bet on sports. Ever.

    The 1973 New York Mets taught me that. “Ya gotta believe”. *snort*

    Any betting I do now is for bragging rights. It’s a LOT less painful to be able to just say “Yup, he was better than me” than to crack open the wallet.

    Well, you’re young… hopefully the lesson you’re about to learn will stay with you for the rest of your life.

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