Friday Night Steel Results

The results from Friday’s Steel match at MCF&G are posted on their FNS site, click the link for July 11th to view the full page results.

I am actually pretty happy with my finish – for this being my first action style match in years, I am just glad to have finished in the top 25% of shooters. As I expected, despite the fact that I was shooting a wizbang Open gun, I got all stomped by a bunch of guys shooting Production guns – but then again, I was expecting that. I wouldn’t expect to jump into golfing and be Tiger Woods, either.

Out of all shooters, I finished 13th out of 57, and if you only count people shooting centerfire pistols I finished 7th out of 45.  I am pretty pleased with both of those scores, but not pleased enough to not want to shoot better next time.

On a humorous note, I technically “won” the Open Division, but that was by default since I was the only gun entered under “Open”.

I had a load of fun – I’m looking forward to the August shoot, where I hope to crack the top 10 overal.

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