Friday Night Steel

At Marion County Fish & Game tonight.  I’m pretty pumped up about it, as tonight will make a bunch of firsts for me in terms of my involvement in the shooting sports.

  • 1st time shooting an all steel match
  • 1st time shooting a Glock in any kind of match
  • 1st time entering in Open class in any match (side note: it’s sad that I’ll probably get stomped all over the place by production shooters even though my gun is all “rarararara I’m a racegun”)
  • 1st time shooting a .40 S&W on any platform
  • 1st time I’m shooting a gun in a match that I haven’t taken to the range prior to the match to get dialed in

I will be at Marion County Fish & Game around 5:30ish (depending on when I get out of the office), according to the website shooting starts at 6:15pm, and there is a shooter’s meeting at 6pm for new shooters on the rules and procedures.

Should be loads of fun!


  1. A little light just went off in my head when I saw “Glock” and “steel match” that close to one another.

    You sure they don’t have a “lead only” rule for these steel matches? My local range does.

  2. Can’t wait to hear the range report.

    As a rule I shoot ANY new gun HORRIBLE the first time. There’s just so much information I’m gathering on that first range trip I often end up neglecting good trigger pull, or a consistant grip ect…

  3. Son,
    Just remember it is not the gun. I recall your first purchase and comment about the cheap gun. I also recall firing 1 round the dispelled that notion.


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