A shout-out

It occurs to me that I should probably thank all the people who were instrumental in my purchase of the Glock 24.  Since it wasn’t on the list of guns that I initially wanted to buy, and I had never heard of it, of course my first email went to Tam, which essentially consisted of “There’s a Glock 24 with X extras for Y dollars, I hope you’re near a computer”.

The next email went to Robb, who is a notorious Glock guy, to let him know that I was going to the dark side and buying a Glock instead of another .45 caliber revolver.

The finally piece of the pie was The Breda who proceeded to tell me that I shouldn’t buy plastic guns; and although I don’t think I was able to convince her, she did eventually acquiesce to my decision.

I always get a little panicky when my gun store ideas don’t go according to plan, hence why I feel the need to reach out to the network of gunpeoples to either persuade or dissuade me from certain gun choices.

Thanks for helping me defeat my horrible gun ADD, guys!