Happy Birthday to meeeeee

My birthday is the 12th, and in honor of such a joyous occasion, Mrs. Ahab has gifted me with a truly wonderous gift – I get to overspend the gun budget.

Now, that may seem frivolous to you, but I understand the importance of a budget (or more accurately, I fear my wife’s wrath), especially where my hobby is concerned, as I have been known in the past to go a little crazy with gun stuff.

I had mentioned that I was looking at either a Glock 34/35 or a Taurus Judge, and oddly enough I ended up with neither. See the below picture for the grand total of my birthday swag.

What you see there is a Glock 24 (the discontinued competition model), a spare magazine for the Glock, 150 rounds of .40 S&W for the Glock, and a cheap holster and magazine case for the Glock. That’s my birthday present. What also fortuitously came today were the fruits of me selling a gun, namely my 2nd Beretta Jetfire, with a spare magazine, two holsters, and a pistol rug; not only that my shipment of 147gr 9mm HPs for my Beretta 92D came yesterday as well.

Yesterday was an awesome day for gun stuff.  I’m obviously excited about the Glock, as it gives me a single platform to shoot for USPSA, Bowling Pins, and GSSF – the only sport I can’t really shoot it in is IDPA, since the Glock is ported and wouldn’t fit in their “box” anyway.

The Beretta is allegedly going to be my wife’s carry gun when she gets around to filling out her permit paperwork and all of that jazz, she liked mine and thought it was “cute”.  Even if she doesn’t carry it, I have no problem having a second version of the gun I carry the most often – it never hurts to have a spare.

So if you add up all the cool stuff I received, you could probably say that this was a very good birthday, and it hasn’t even officially happened yet.


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