Glock 24

As I mentioned in the post immediately below this, I just acquired a used-but-not-abused Glock 24, which was Glock’s .40 S&W competition model that was made right up until the currently offered Glock 35 was introduced.

I had been looking for a Glock to shoot USPSA, GSSF, Pins, and other action sports with, and had initially planned on getting the Glock 35 so I could shoot it in IDPA as well. Then yesterday in Gander Mountain, I happened across this used Glock 24 for sale. It had almost zero wear on it, the trigger was great, and this gun is LOADED out. Nevermind the cheap holster it came with, whoever had this gun before me had the frame modified for a laser sight – seeing as this is the pre-rail Glock model, the laser sight is now built into the trigger guard. Plus, the sights are fully adjustable Trijicon night sights, so uh, awesome. What’s that you said? Pics or it didn’t happen?

I also managed to get a really good shot of the porting on the front of the barrel. Unlike the other “C” model Glocks, the Glock 24 uses a series of elliptical ports which increase in size the closer they get to the muzzle; the standard “C” models use two parallel ports.

I am really, really excited about taking this gun to the range – the previous owner had obviously had a serious interest in this gun, going so far as to have the frame forward of the trigger guard cut to accommodate a laser sight. You can see exactly what I mean in this last picture.

I’m actually kind of surprised that this gun went for how low a price I got it for, especially when you consider the Trijicon sights, the laser, and the (admittedly cheap) holster and mag pouch it came with. Add to that the fact that there is very little wear on the gun, just some minor cosmetic scuffs on the slide; and you get what amounts to an almost brand new competition gun, ready to go shoot the Bianchi Cup or a USPSA Match right out of the box (with the laser disabled, of course).

My best guess is that the previous owner of the pistol bought it, had the work done, shot it a few times and then put it in his safe, and then later sold it when he couldn’t compete any longer – now their loss is my great gain.  This sort of stuff does happen a lot, you buy a gun to compete and then never shoot it, and years later you end up needing some dough, so off the gun goes. Now because of that sale, I am pumped up to shoot this gun; I can’t recall the last time I was this excited about taking a gun to the range to go a-blastin’. You have my word that you’ll get a full range report once I do shoot my new-to-me Glock 24.


  1. I just got a new 17L. Wanted one after seeing Denzel Washington in Man on Fire.

    I like those sights.

  2. I dunno about that, it still looks like a West Wight Potter and not a J/24 – but the laser and the T-t-t-t-rijicon sights are kinda cool — but what the hell do I know?

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