Jadegold is one sad panda

I will on occasion click over to his blagowebs to “see what I can see” as the phrase goes, and I tell you the epic lulz that he’s been brining ever since the Heller decision have been GREAT.

He’s really outdone himself this time, spouting off anger and half-truths to rival Gonzo, and I must say it’s a fantastic show to watch.  He’s still afraid to engage anyone in actual open debate, and has continued his long standing tradition of ad hominems  against anyone with the temerity to call him on his silly bullshit.

Oh Jadegold, you are my most favorite troll.  I <3 you more than Boring7 and Solaris combined.  Don’t ever stop.


  1. I think he should take some Ritalin. His voluminous output of trolling seems to indicate he has some sort of mental disorder.

  2. No, I think not. Jade doesn’t need any more publicity – but if you do an archive search here or at Snowflakesinhell you should be able to find his URL.

  3. Just remember all, Jadegold is an NRA member now. That gift membership was the best $20 I ever spent.

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