God I hate fireworks

My neighborhood sounds like downtown Baghdad this time of year.  Every night for a week before the 4th of July, from 10 minutes before sundown until about 11pm, there is a constant succession of “pop-pop-pop-BLAM” followed (sometimes) by children shrieking.

It just drives me crazy, plus I worry about all the amateur ballisticians out there setting my damn house on fire.


  1. one of my two dogs is pathetically afraid of any loud noises. and my town has a large festival, complete with airshow, starting right after the Fourth; the blue angels show up this year, as they do about every other year. getting that dog outside to pee is a challenge this time of year.

    you’d think a 45-pound husky’d have a bit more guts, but no.

  2. One of the many reasons I live way out in the boonies… though on the 4th I can usually look in almost any direction after dark and see fireworks up in the sky.

  3. Here’s hoping there’s no “Celebratory gunfire” in your neck of the woods…what goes up must come down…

  4. Hey you have it easy. I happen to live next to some yahoo that likes to set off fireworks at any time of the year, for no particular reason.
    Maybe he makes up his own holidays.

  5. When I was a kid back in the 70’s I grew up in Connecticut, right on Long Island Sound. Every summer me and my siblings would pool our loot and buy a shit load of fireworks. Roman candles, rockets, salutes, M-80’s, quarter sticks, etc, etc, etc. Yes, they were illegal, but the cops turned a blind eye for the most part. When they didn’t they just confiscated the goodies, which were then shot off at their Independence Day celebrations. Good times, good times. Enjoy the fireworks, Ahab, that’s the sound of freedom!

  6. Oh, we’ll have celebratory gunfire here in Indy. Like a bloody Afghani wedding. (Not to say that I condemn my Afghani brethren for throwing lead instead of rice.) But it does get a bit tiresome when one has canine companions who are gun shy.

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