A cure for cancer

Unfortunately, it’s not for real cancer, but rather “rifle-cancer”, which could also be described as “holy-crap-what’s-that-growing-on-my-rifle”.

Tam has developed an excellent method, which honestly I never would have thought of.

Tools you will need: A cloth; some good protective oil and some cleaner/oil combo (I use Butch’s Gun Oil and FP-10 respectively; everyone will have a favorite); a brush; a brass cartridge case (I’ve found a bottleneck rifle cartridge of about .30-’06 size works best for me); and a hammer.

Since half of central Indiana appears to be under water right now, knowing how to remove orange fuzzy rifle cancer might be a worthwhile skill for everyone to have – I “know” that my guns are high and dry on the 2nd floor, but that doesn’t make me immune from dealing with the potential for water damage.

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