Primary thoughts

As you know, I cast my primary ballot this morning.  I actually had to stand in line at Christ the Savior Lutheran Church – which surprised me, since it was about 6:30 in the AM when I went to cast my ballot.

I did notice that everyone there who went before me at the registration table was voting in the Democratic Party primary – whether or not they were actually Democrats is an open question.  I got my voting done, voting for John McCain for president, and then making sure to vote for Beverly Gard and Dan Burton – everything else was local county level stuff.

The one thing I did notice was that the election volunteers actually had people my age there, and a couple of attractive women.  This is the first time that has happened since, uh, ever.  Every single other election I’ve ever voted in, the volunteers were uniformly old-blue hairs.  I fully support election volunteers being attractive.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I do agree with Tam that the weather may be a factor in this election (I can’t believe that the weather might be a factor, not that I agree with Tam.  I do that all the time – ed).  It saddens me that our current political scene is such that we literally have “fair-weather voters” who will turn out to vote for their messiah only if they won’t get rained on in so doing.

I do think Hillsy will win it though – my gut instinct is that Obama won’t be able to get enough of the college kid/young vote out to beat Hillary’s appeal to the more traditional Democrat base.  Plus, you can factor in what seems to be a pretty sizable chunk of GOP voters deciding they want to torpedo Barack on the presumption that McCain will beat Hillary like a rented mule.

I’ll have more election coverage this evening, and a special podcast wrap-up tomorrow morning.


  1. If your Dems up there are anything like ours down here in the Nasti, they don’t get out of bed at 6:30 in the ayem. I’d bet anybody voting Dem while you were there would be Operation Chaos operatives.


  2. There’s a commercial of a lady in a wheelchair taking the bus to the polls in the rain to try to shame people into voting. And of course everyone knows that shame isn’t even in people’s vocabulary any more.

  3. “McCain will beat Hillary like a rented mule.”

    That took me right to my happy place.

  4. Actully I think Obama’s love for those who are evil and who hate America will disgust the average voter far more than Clintons…well disgustingness. In the end I’m hoping for Barry O Vs. McCain (tho he’ll beat Hillary just as well IMHO) but I’m rooting for Hillary right now, as the better she does, the longer the Donk in-fighting goes on, and the worse off the Democrat party is as a whole.

    I’m hoping to torpedo the WHOLE DEMOCRAT party, screw picking one donk vs. another, I want to see them all burn to the waterline, and the current battle of foolishness for the Presidential nominee will do just that, I hope


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