Barack and Self-Defense

Go read Wayne LaPierre’s column on Barack Obama’s legislative track record and self-defense, posted at NRA’s Political Victory website.  The backstory is how Obama twice voted against legislation that would have protected citizens from prosecution who used legally purchased guns in self defense.

The House accepted the DeMar selfdefense bill by a vote of 86-25 and the Senate moved the legislation on a 38-20 vote.

And here lies the seminal moment for state Senator Barack Obama. When Obama turned thumbs down on the bill, he voted against the most basic element of the Second Amendment– the right of defense of self and family– the reason that millions of Americans own firearms.

When the governor vetoed the bill, Obama once again voted against a citizen’s right to self-defense. Despite his vote, the veto override passed the Senate and the House by overwhelming majorities, thereby enacting this bill into law.

This is the behavior of someone who claims to support hunters and shooters?  I don’t think so.   Remember, Obama served on the board of the Joyce Foundation, an anti-gun group, and has been endorsed by American Hunters and Shooters, which is a false-flag group pretending to be “pro-gun”, when in fact their senior leadership is chummy with the leadership of the Brady Campaign.  Wayne hits the nail with his final statement about Obama:

Obama’s alleged support of the Second Amendment is utterly cynical and false.

Which I guess makes him a perfect match for American Hunters and Shooters Association.  He and Ray Schoenke deserve each other.