Leaving Los Vegas

If you were one of the people who listened to this Monday’s podcast, I mentioned that it’s my last week in Las Vegas, and to be completely precise, yesterday was my last night in town.

So, I said goodbye to the one thing in Las Vegas that I’m really going to miss.  No, not my coworkers, not my office with the big comfy couch, not the starkly beautiful desert mountains in the distance, none of that is what I’m going to miss the most.

If you must know what about Las Vegas I’m going to miss the most, click the fold and find out:

We said our tearful goodbyes last night – a Double-Double with onions has never tested so good, and yet so full of sadness.  I can take heart knowing that I’ll be back in California come June for The Great Mother-of-Ahab Family reunion, but until then I will have to think fondly of In-N-Out, and eat a lot of Five Guys.


  1. Isn’t In-N-Out the place where you can get a “protein burger”: instead of a bun, they wrap it in iceberg lettuce leaves?

  2. When my son was in college at UC Davis, we always stopped by the In-N-Out when we visited. Since he lived there he thought we were crazy, but we still can’t get enough. Mmmmm.

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