Hate mail

Yesterday, I wrote a brief post about how Obama was leading Hillary in a recent Indiana poll. That post linked to the CNN Political Ticker blog, and for about 3 or 4 hours there was a trackback link to Call me Ahab on the PT blog. Those hours resulted in me getting more nastygrams in one day than I had since the “fat people” debacle.

You see, in the initial title of the post, I misspelled Barack’s first name, spelling it incorrectly as “Barak”. In the comments and emails, I got the usual amount of Hope-Change crap, including people who thought I was a Democrat; but the real prize winner was a guy who in an email accused me of being racist.

Dear “Ahab”,

I saw your blog entry today on Senator Barack Obama’s current lead over Hillary Clinton. I noticed that you didn’t spell his name right in the title of your post. After reading over your blog, I can only assume that you did this to make the Senator sound more Muslim in an attempt to discredit his candicacy. Typical tactics for a right-wing shill like you to appeal to the American racism that the Senator is bravly addressing everyday with his candicacy.

Your (way to lose credibility – ed) just another thug with an agenda to push.

The zealotry that this man is inspiring in his followers is another reason I’m committed to doing everything I can to ensure he doesn’t become President – it’s almost like a religious fervor amongst these people, and I don’t like crazy religious fervors.

Normally, I just laugh the occasional piece of hatemail off, it happens and it’s not something to get worried about. But the way people react to any maligning the character of their Saint Barack is really kind of creepy.


  1. The best cure for hate mail is sunlight. By republishing such crap it brings uglyness to light where it can be dealt with.

    Good work Ahab!

  2. If you want to discredit Barack Boutrous Boutrous-Ghali Obama, the easiest way is to simply quote the man, not misspell his first name (or mention his middle one).

  3. Hey, that’s what I was trying to do – I think the real moral of the story is that blogging in the evening after consuming 4 or 5 one or two beers is either a genius idea or a terrible idea.

  4. Barack v Barak ?

    Barack Obama v Barak Obama ?

    I don’t see it. How am I to even know which one seems more Muslim?

  5. Didn’t Hamilton mention something about “demagogues” and “the greatest threat to liberty and the republic”? Why, he may have even used them in the same sentence!

  6. Also, you have a bit of comment spam on that “fat people” post.

  7. And I thought the near-religious fervor surrounding Ron Paul was disturbing… This brings that concept to a whole new level!

    A misspelling is equivalent to racism now? Does that mean I can sue someone if they do not use spellcheck before sending out an email?

  8. AHAB.

    You haven’t offended me once, and I am most likely voting for Obama. You’re pretty correct. The almost-religious fervor is mildly scary. You have every right to an opinion, and you’ve actually made me want to look more deeply into the candidates stance on gun laws (as I tend to focus on other issues).

    I am also about to go off and read about the fat people ’cause I bet it’s high-larious.

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