Obama endorsed by AHSA

The American Hunters and Shooter’s Association has released their official endorsement of Barack Obama, offering the final nail in their coffin as a “pro-gun rights” group.

The link to the ABC political blog is almost funny, because it’s kind of backwards. They think that AHSA is a pro-gun group, and that their timing in endorsing Obama is unfortunate because yesterday was the VA Tech memorial. The thing is that it is unfortunate, but not because AHSA is pro-gun. Rather it’s demonstrating the anti-gun group’s absolute willingness to use tragedies and their memorials as a platform for their anti-gun agenda.

I do have to give AHSA props though, because the move is a well calculated one – to a casual person it would seem like AHSA is for hunters and shooters and that their endorsement of Obama means something for shooters.

Nevermind that the American Hunters and Shooters Association has a track record of associating with the Brady Campaign, attacking legitimate pro-gun groups, and even going around leaving ad homenim attacks on pro-gun blogs. The fact that an anti-gun false flag group has endorsed Obama and spent time talking down Hillary has only reinforced my decision to use Indiana’s open primary to vote for Hillary. Come November, I’m voting for McCain no matter what, but I hope he’s not running against Senator Obamahope.