So who is your target market, Bob?

In the comments from Bitter’s blog, Bob Ricker, the head honcho of American Hunters and Shooters Association said the following:

I do not describe the regulars who read a blog named the “The Bitch Girls” to be the AHSA target market. I think it should be clear from my comments here and on other “whacko” blogs that AHSA is reaching out to a more educated, sophisticated and straight thinking hunter and shooter demographic. Unfortunately, a “bitter” female with a gun and a chip on her shoulder probably would not find AHSA’s message of civic responsibility much to her liking.

Emphasis mine, because that’s the part I especially want to pick on.  A more “educated and sophisticated” demographic?  So, who would that be exactly?  I can only speak for myself, but I’m pretty sure I’m what Bob would imagine his target demographic to be, except for the part that I don’t agree with a word that comes out of his mouth.  I’m kind of surprised that Bob has been reduced to internet trolling and tossing insults around now, I would have figured that he’d at least have been smarter than Peter Hamm in that regard.

But then again, I suppose he would take cues from Petey Hamm, since Paul Helmke himself has said that AHSA and Brady Campaign’s goals are pretty much the same..


  1. Well, I was successfully educated by Georgia Tech, I unfortunately have a thing for very expensive white wines, I tend to be annoyingly down-to-earth, and I shoot on a relatively regular basis. And I know Bob and his little band of morons are completely and utterly full of shit.

    So, target demographic? Probably. Like AHSA’s message? Not in the slightest.

  2. Plainly Put: AHSA Demographic: Somebody who has a non-scary gun and really wants all my guns (Scary or not) taken away. And of course “Ban-em-all” types wanting to soften their image, much like a Klansman with a Token Black friend.

    “I’m not a racist, look, I’m friends with that guy!”

  3. Hmmm. I guess my wife (BA Linguistics, minor in Math, Masters from foreign University, fluent in multiple languages) and I (BS in Mech. Eng) don’t make that demographic either.

    Dang, I guess I need to get more educated (on how to survive cognitive dissonance), learn to think straighter (how do you do that with your head up your a$%?), and learn to use firearms ONLY for hunting.

  4. Bob reminds me of folks my dad makes fun of at his hunting club, the elitist WASP type. Folks who believe all guns should be $5000 H & H double rifles or SKB shootguns. That guns are only for hunting, seeing they have body guards, high walls or eleborate security systems to protect themselves. They of guy, who back in the 1950’s would not allow my Catholic father to join his golf club, because he was Catholic. In short, a snob.

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