Wayne LaPierre on Glenn Beck

I’m watching Wayne LaPierre on Glenn Beck on CNN Headline right now; Beck used the “what’s reasonable” quote from Chief Roberts.

Glenn asking about the amicus brief filed by the SG, and asked for comparison in light of the VP’s amicus brief.  Wayne is saying that having the majority of Senators and Reps sign onto that brief indicates that the will of the people is supporting an individual right.

I like that Wayne is pointing out that the Miller decision actually supported the individual right, and that the interpretation of Miller has been twisted.

Best question of the interview, Glenn asked why in 30 years no one has tried to challenge this law.  Wayne’s answer was that NRA was trying to get it repealed in Congress, and that they were concerned about justices legislating from the bench instead of acting on the will of the Founding Fathers.

Interview’s over now, which is too bad because it was just starting to get interesting.  Wayne did get his point in about how if DC really wanted to do something about crime, they’d actually lock criminals up instead of turning them loose and then taking guns away from their citizens.

Wayne seems really fired up, moreso than I’ve seen him before in previous interviews.  The interview on ABC News he was very passionate, and in this interview he was equally passionate but didn’t have to deal with dumb questions from the anchor.

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  1. I would say he’s probably feeling pretty energized after Tuesday’s hearing. He had a really *really* good point about not going through the courts in the past 30 years or so. I’d have hated to have seen this case go to the Supreme Court in the `80. There were simply too many justices who had no respect for the Constitution. Staying out of the courts while they were so polluted was a good thing.

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