Let me tell you a story

It’s not a sad story, in fact it has a happy ending.

So yesterday I had to leave work early to pick up my Suby from the body shop, where it was undergoing repairs after being rear-ended a couple of months ago.  Well, that took less time than expected, so I ended up with about an hour to kill before I needed to meet Mrs. Ahab.

Being an industrious chap, I figured that I’d head over to the local Gander Mountain and peruse the goodies.  BIG MISTAKE.  I walk in the door and see that they’re having huge firearms blowout sale; which for the sake of my wallet should have been SIGN NUMBER ONE to turn around and go kill time in a Barnes & Noble or something.  But, I didn’t, because I thought to myself “Self, you could just maybe see what they have”.

That would have been mistake number 2.  Mistake number three came when I saw the Beretta 92D Centurion and didn’t walk away; instead I had to notice that it was marked down to $380 for a brand spanking new Beretta with 2 15 round magazines.

Somehow (and I’m not sure how) there is now a Beretta 92D Centurion sitting in my Gun Closet, just waiting to be taken to the range this weekend.  Like I said, I’m not entirely sure how it happened.

As a side effect, I now have just as many Berettas as I have Taurus guns.  I sense jealousy in the Gun Closet.


  1. Yeah, it’s in NIB condition, brand spanking new. Still has oil all over it from the factory.

    There isn’t a whole lot of demand these days for DAO wonder-nines, which makes sense to me; but this is essentially the perfect carry Beretta. All the simplicity of a wheelgun with 10 more rounds.

  2. Those are supposed to be LE-only guns, but sometimes Beretta distributors wind up with too many on their hands and blow them out at fantastic prices.

  3. Plus, Beretta makes a Cx4 Storm version that accepts 92 series magazines; or I could get a Kel-Tec Sub-2000 for about half the price of that.

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