Beretta 92D Centurion

As I mentioned below, I picked up a spanking new Beretta 92D Centurion yesterday.  It’s slightly different from the model pictured in the link, in that instead of the standard DA/SA trigger, it’s sporting a DA-Only trigger.   Some people hate double-action only autos, and I can sort of understand that point of view; but for me I hate the safety on the Beretta 92 series even more.

I’ve mentioned my hatred of the Beretta safety before, and how it factored into me getting a Taurus PT92 for my home defense gun; the Beretta 92D has no safety whatsoever.  Oddly enough, that was sort of the appeal for me; I was going to build a Taurus to replicate the dimensions and specs of the Centurion, but then I saw one at Gander Mountain for about $250 less than it would have cost me to build the Taurus.

For me, this Beretta is a serious carry gun; hence why simplicity of action was an important factor.  There are no external safeties to mess with, no DA/SA transition on the trigger, and the factory Beretta DA trigger isn’t bad anyway.  With the Centurion slide and barrel, it’s about an inch shorter than a full-size Beretta/Taurus, and I swear it feels smaller in my hand than the Taurus.

I’ll take it to the range this weekend, where like every other Beretta I’ve handled, it will function with 100% reliability out of the box, feed everything I jam into it, and print small groups.


  1. I got a PX4 a few weeks ago.

    A little shorter length than your 92D Centurion, and a little taller.

    With two more rounds…

    I don’t mind the da/sa transition, I’ve got a few pistols that have it.

    So far excellent reliablity, but only 250 rounds through it. Some were upside down, and sideways (held on it’s port and starboard sides).

    Mine’s the F model, but there are a couple of ways to change it to G (decock only). The jury is still out on whether I want to do that or not…

    It’s fast becoming my favorite 9mm.

  2. Chuck Taylor has pointed out that a quick fix for a stiff DAO trigger in a Model 92 is to replace the mainspring with one from a 1911. Not having a 92 (but enjoying several 1911’s) I can’t vouch for it, but Chuck is a pretty solid source of information.

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