2A Blog Bash Update

You are coming to the 2A Blog Bash in Kentucky, during the NRA National Convention, right?  Of course you are.  Well, if you are, it would behoove you to bone up on Kentucky’s concealed carry laws.  The best part about Kentucky, which scored the lowest score on the Brady Campaign’s BS scorecards, is that Kentucky recognizes any carry permit from any state in the country.

If you have a valid concealed carry permit or license from any state, Kentucky recognizes it. It doesn’t matter if your state doesn’t recognize a Kentucky license. Kentucky doesn’t hold it against you. If you are a full-time paid peace officer or elected Sheriff, you may carry without a permit on or off duty IF your state accords a Kentucky full-time pad (sic) peace officer the same rights by law. If your state only allows a Kentucky officer to carry on duty, then that restriction applies to you in Kentucky.

After SHOT, I’m actually really excited about the NRA Convention.  Some people said that after SHOT I’d be disappointed by the NRA Exhibit hall.   I highly doubt that, since SHOT was so big I didn’t get to see everything, so I can catch up on the goodies I missed at the NRA Convention.