The Black Rifle Drum

As I’ve mentioned repeatedly in the last couple of days, a lot of people both in the industry and in politics are very concerned about the possibility of an extremely anti-gun administration, either in the form of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.  I’m also moderately (although less so) concerned about a McCain administration, because he’s displayed a willingness to compromise core conservative beliefs in the past; and after the shenanigans pulled by the current and allegedly pro-gun administration I no longer believe that the mainstream Republican party is interested in representing our right to keep and bear arms.  Incidents like this one in LA are only going to serve as further public fodder for people looking to ban “assault weapons”; whether or not one was used in that crime doesn’t even matter.

So what can we do to keep this from happening?  Blogging is a great tool for spreading information, but if we don’t act on that information, it’s so much yelling in the wind.  Here are my personal action steps for the next year.

  1. Join the NRA.  I’m already a member, so I can’t rejoin, however I can also donate the NRA-ILA and contribute to the NRA Political Victory Fund.
  2. Join the NSSF.  Just like NRA promotes the political health of the 2nd Amendment, the NSSF supports the public health of the shooting sports.  Joining the NSSF can get you involved at the local level with firearms training and instruction (so can NRA, fyi) and will help you to take personal ownership in helping to grow our sport.
  3. Buy a Black Rifle.  I’m serious.  Even if it’s an M1 Carbine with a polymer stock (which is what I’m going to buy) or a Kel-Tec SU-16, buy a semi-automatic rifle, and shoot it a lot.  Buy ammo and accessories; because money keeps the shooting sports strong.
  4. Get involved at a local level.  Don’t just join the NRA and say “Well, you’ve got my 25 bucks, make some magic”.  NRA Membership is a good way to help our firearms rights, but it’s even more effective to get involved a local level.   Find a club or range near you and join up, introduce new people to the sport.  Get politically involved at a local level, volunteer for your party, volunteer at ranges.
  5. Go Vote in November.  Seriously.  I’m wary of McCain, but he still beats a Hillary/Obama presidency by a country mile.  I’m officially the McCain-Train as of today; I hope that if he gets elected this year that he will remember all the pro-gun voters that elected him into office.

I’m really big on people getting involved; and I’m also big on people keeping the industry strong by purchasing firearms.  I do worry about the possibility of a new assault weapons ban, and I believe that one way to help forestall such a ban is to keep the market strong for evil black rifles.

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  1. The Mrs and I were talking about the possibility of a grim 2A future. So, we’re finishing our AR project and hopefully starting another from an 80% lower kit. I think the 80% kits are the way to go if we’re facing another AWB. I had a big list of what I wanted to buy this year but our efforts are gonna be focused on the ARs, mags and ammo.

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