Shot Show Day 0

My wife will be happy to see that I’m zero-indexing blog posts like a real man.  Today was pre-reg day for the SHOT Show, I picked up my badge and guide materials, as well as did a quick walkthrough of the still-under-construction exhibit hall, which opens at 8am tomorrow morning.

I picked up a couple of good leads on new products that I’m definitely going to check out; one of those that I’ll share with you now is a new compact 9mm handgun, which uses a unique locking system to pack a 4.2 inch barrel in a package smaller than a compact Glock.  That will be one of my first stops tomorrow, I hope the pistol can meet the expectations created by the brochure.

We’re going to have coverage on everything from new products from Cimarron, Fiocchi, Walther, and many others; new gear for your guns, you name it.  Just click the banner at the top of this page every day for new coverage, and all past updates on the 2008 SHOT show!  You’ll find it at Call me Ahab before you find it anywhere else.  You can also contact me with questions and requests at my email address, listed in under the “Contact” information on this page.

Tam was right about one thing, when I got a look at the scope of the exhibit hall, I really was like an Ethiopian at a grocery store.