Hardcore in Idaho

This is how they roll in Idaho.

That’s right, they’re running a steel match in the snow, in Idaho.  In January.  Makes me feel pretty poor about my manhood, seeing as I don’t go to outdoor ranges in the Indiana winters.  I just hope this doesn’t lead to some kind of trend of gun-bloggers standing out in the snow with their iron trying to prove their manhood by shooting in the coldest weather possible.


  1. I’ve wanted to shoot in cold cold weather, especially with semi-autos. I’d like to see if the grease on the slides gets too sluggish to function correctly. I think this would be useful check for a carry gun.

  2. I can say that my Taurus PT92 does not bind up when the weather gets down to the teens, but I’ve not shot it colder than that.

  3. In mich the Kalamazoo Rod and Gun Club outdoor range year round. the road is plowed and sanded My coldest target is marked 20 degrees.


  4. I’ve shot matches in weather as cold as -10F. I was anticipating the cold weather and made sure my lube was rated for that low of tempeature. Others did not. Semi-autos became single shots when the user had to slam the slide home with the heel of their hand after every shot. It could have been worse–the firing pins could have crept slowly in to nuzzle the primer.

    Assuming your carry gun is next to your body and you are wearing a coat over it the chances are that it’s going to be just fine unless you are waving it around in the cold air for many minutes.

  5. I’m in NE IN and there’s no way I’d go anywhere but an indoor range until spring!
    I personally have more FTFs in super cold weather, so I’ll just say that’s the reason! (wink)

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