McCain wins Florida

Looks like Sen. McCain has picked up a key win in Florida.  It seems that Rudy’s “strategy” of skipping the early primaries and campaigning in Florida didn’t work out so well.

Two GOP sources with direct knowledge of Giuliani’s plans said he will drop out of the race and endorse McCain at an event in California on Wednesday. (from

What does this do for McCain’s campaign?  Despite the fact that the number of delagates he wins is cut in half thanks to Florida’s primary shenanigans, this really gives him a tonne of momentum going into Super Tuesday next week.  Plus, as mentioned above, it will/should remove Rudy from the race.  I’ve never been a fan of Rudy, and I’ll be glad to see him go.  He’s no friend to the 2nd Amendment for sure; but he’s not really a friend of liberty or personal freedom at all.

I want to watch the McCain campaign closely.  His quotes about gun control as well as his backing legislation that would have closed the “gun show loophole” make me extremely wary of a McCain presidency.  I like McCain’s foreign policy, but when it comes to domestic policy, he really makes me nervous.  McCain-Feingold, backing anti-gun show legislation, the immigration sell-out; that sort of track record makes me nervous about him.  If I’m forced into a choice between Mitt Romney and John McCain, I don’t know what I’ll do.