More on Seattle Gun Violence

As a follow-up to this post about Mayor Nickel’s “gun violence summit” in Seattle, the Seattle Post Intelligencer ran an editorial from Alan Gottlieb, which is a shocking display of unbiased reporting.  Here’s the Op-Ed by Mr. Gottlieb:

Finding viable solutions to violent crime is everyone’s business and in everybody’s best interest, so it is not simply disappointing but indicative of a myopic predisposition on the part of Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels and the Harborview Medical Center’s Injury and Research Prevention Center that their much-touted “summit” on Monday on crimes involving firearms has a gaping hole in the program: No participants from the firearms community were invited to attend, much less participate in the panel discussions.

Like everything that he puts out, it’s well written and makes the point quite well.  Remember that this entire “summit” is funded by the Joyce Foundation, which is about as anti-gun as you can get.   I recommend you click on the link above and read the entire entry.