I’ve been thinking

So, I feel like lately I’ve noticed that the anti-gun crowd is really focusing on going after gun shows and the mythical “gun show loophole”.  Now, to me that seems like a silly thing to go after, because, well…it doesn’t exist.  However, that’s gotten me to thinking.

What if the anti-gun folks are going after the gun show loophole because it’s an easy target?  Think about it – Suzy Soccermom doesn’t know a damn thing about gun shows, and I will confess that a little bit of bad information can make ferreting out the truth that much more difficult.  So it does make “the gun show loophole” a pretty easy target to get people all riled up about.

But why that?  Aren’t there other easy targets they could chase?  Then it hit me that maybe they’re chasing this one because they’re losing everywhere else.  No traction on renewing the AWB, Castle Doctrine laws are passing left and right, the gun market is exploding in evil black guns, and the Supreme Court is poised to rule on a landmark 2nd Amendment case.

The more I think about it, the more sense it makes.  I’ll admit that my line of reasoning does square nicely with what I hope to be happening as well – but it does kind of make sense.  Attacking a relatively soft target when you’re getting pounding can allow you to build morale if you win.

I don’t want people to think that this means we should relax in our efforts, either.  Right now is the time to not yield a single inch, especially in the gun show category.  It is a battle of momentum, and right now it is on the side of the Evil Gun Lobby.


  1. Half the guns sold are at gun shows? you sure on that it seems rather high. Now I do admit coming from the Peoples Republic of Mass but on black Friday the gun store I was at getting an evil black rifle was packed with other folk buying bang sticks too. .. .

  2. I think they mean that half of the guns sold come from either gun shows or private sales, but since they can’t track private sales, there isn’t any actual evidence for that.

    It’s pretty much all bullshit.

  3. In combat, one of the best times to attack your enemy is immediately after he has defeated you in battle. A win tends to put soldiers at ease and off their guard. They assume since they just kicked ass, their enemy would never attack again.

    Let’s not fall into this trap. Once we have the beaten, let’s hit them again. Let’s put the pressure on to a point where the Brady Bunch and VPC have the same public standing as the KKK or NAMBLA.

  4. Cook County,Il, with support from the MMM & BC, have come out of the closet of “reasonable regulations” and are calling for an outright ban on gunshows.

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