Old 1911 appears in Jamaica

An old “US Property” stamped 1911A1 has been recovered by authorities in Jamaica.

The police say their team targeted premises at 2 Nautilus Avenue in Harbour View, where the .45 Colt pistol with serial number 1315322, along with a magazine containing four live .45 cartridges, was found. Inscribed on the firearm were the words: ‘United States Property – U.S. Army’.

I kind of wonder how this gun ended up in Kingston, actually.  Since (contrary to the story) this isn’t the standard issue sidearm for the Army any longer, it had to have happened a while ago.  Judging from the condition of the pistol in the pictures, I’d say that my “a while ago” theory is pretty solid.

Anyone want to take bets on this pistol being “lost” from the Army several years ago?


  1. Millions of them were sold surplus in the 40s, 50s and early 60s. They made up the majority of the legal civilian 1911s in the US well into the 80s.

  2. When I was in Uncle Sam’s Big Grey Canoe Club one of my buddies bought one at a gun show.

  3. The article also says they found a “.62-calibre rifle equipped with a telescope”.

    I’d guess that’s either a 20 gauge slug gun, or a blackpowder muzzleloader.

  4. The article also refered to the 1911 as a ‘.45 colt,’ now I’m not an expert (far far from it actually), but I was under the impression that .45 colt was teh revolver cartridge, and .45acp was for the pistol. Of course the article also refered to it as the current standard army issue, and refered to a group of guns as ‘5 high powered rifles’ when only 2 of them were rifles of any kind.

  5. That serial number traces back to 1943 with the manufacturer being Remington Rand. Just saying in case anyone remembers losing one like that.

  6. Ahab,

    I’m thinking that you’re thinking it’s a lost pistol from the Hanneken expedition to get Charlemagne Peralta.

    Serial # kinda gets the dates on the wrong end of things, however, or am I getting the location incorrect. Damn, it seems that I’m getting old, C.R.S.

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