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In Seattle Post-Intelligencer, which actually had some coverage of National Ammo Day.

The thought of Monday as National Ammo Day, a period dedicated to buying bullets to support the Second Amendment, might send shivers down the backs of some Seattle residents.

Why?  Honestly, someone is going to have to explain this fear of inanimate objects to me, because I still have yet to “get it”.  I’ve been doing this pro-gun thing for a while now, and that is the one thing I still have yet to fully understand about the opposite side of the aisle.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an SPI article if they didn’t slip something completely idiotic into their writing.

To mark it, Taff plans to buy 100 rounds and fire them at a Bellevue range.

While Monday marks the sixth annual National Ammo Day, Taff heard about it only recently.

He was not concerned that criminals would use the day to clear ammunition shelves and then commit robberies.

…sometimes, there are no words.  Really?  National Ammo Day is used by criminals to clear shelves?  Doesn’t that seem like you’re reaching a little bit there?  It’s almost like they’re trying to find ways to generate hysterics about the most benign of topics…wait, nevermind, that’s exactly what they’re doing.

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  1. Having been a hoplophobe in my informative years, and having married a now reformed Hoplophobe, both of us comming from Hoplophobe stock, I can only comment on this foolish and irrational behavior. Many of them belive that if a crime is committed with a gun, if the criminal didn’t have a gun, he wouldn’t have attempted to get one, or some other tool that could be missused for violence, and that maybe he wouldn’t even be a criminal at ALL if he couldn’t get a gun. And the news only covers when somebody is HARMED with a gun, and as you and I know, most of that is crime, while defensive and legal use of firearms most often never leaves a corpse, or even a spent shell.

    As for Bullets and Ammo, most hoplophobes see all of it as if they were mini-hand-grenades. I’ve seen people brace themselves as a .22 LR rolled off the shooting bench onto the floor, and the other day I had to explain to my wife, that hammering a squib out of the barrel of one of my guns in no way could result in an explosion. This is also a result of the media where bullets and ammo can be seen detonationg and causing far more damage than physics dictates, and just plain old ignorance that ALL Hoplophobes share.

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