Range retards

Sebastian calls them “range assholes“, which is also perfectly fine.  Reading over the actual story at Bitter’s, she’s talking about an NRA Firearms instructor that demonstrated all the traits necessary to make sure that someone never picks up a gun again.

I really hate it when I go to the range and I see someone like that – and Bitter is right, it’s even more troubling when it’s someone who is supposed to be a trained, certified ambassador for the sport.

I’ll echo Sebastian’s sentiments here – if you’ve ever had a bad experience with an alleged “shooting instructor”, and you’d like to erase that ugly memory, let one of us know.


  1. Honestly, some people probably just want to feel like Billy Badass and get off on telling other people what and how to do things.

    In my mind, they’re no different from the Gun Store commandos who will tell you that “You don’t want Gun X, you want the CQB Tactical Destroyer. Gun X is for homos and pussies.”

    I hate those guys as well.

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