Fire Joe Tiller

I’ve been thinking about this since yesterday’s awful loss to IU, and I’ve come to an inescapable conclusion. It’s time for a regime change in West Lafayette, and Joe Tiller needs to go. It’s not because he’s a bad coach, or that we’ve been having several losing years, because we haven’t. The problem is that we’ve gotten complacent. Since the glorious Rose Bowl year, we’ve basically won 7 or 8 games every year and gone to a crappy bowl each year. The problem is that the administration seems to be pretty happy with that, and as such are not out there recruiting the kind of top flight talent Purdue needs to stay competitive in the Big Ten.

Institutional complacency is a bad thing, and we have it in spades at Purdue. I think Tiller (and his staff) are partly to blame for that, but so are the Athletic Directors for not ripping Joe Tiller a new asshole every year we haven’t been competitive in the Big Ten.

Yesterday’s game at IU is a perfect example. If you watched the game, you saw that Purdue didn’t start playing with a sense of urgency until midway through the 3rd quarter. Once we played with passion, we outscored IU 21-10; but because that passion didn’t show up until almost the fourth quarter, we lost. That’s the kind of complacency that needs to go.

I’d love to see us get some hotshot new coach in here, someone that young kids from around the country are going to want to play for. Poach an NFL Offensive Coordinator who has a rep for making good QBs and make him head coach. Purdue used to have a rep for creating excellent quarterbacks, let’s get that back.

Come on Purdue. Let’s go shopping for new coaches.


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